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  • 美沙雨音

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  • "Ouran Private Academy is defined by one, prestigious families, and two, wealth. And prosperous people have much time on their hands. Therefore, this Ouran Host Club is about these handsome guys that have time giving hospitality to these lovely ladies that also have time and profit off of them. It's an elegant game unique  to this super rich school.

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  • exo as american apparel models→ kai

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  • exo as american apparel models→ sehun

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    I was able to survive until now because of you. You are the one who let me live.

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    Mellow Mello

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    Kuroshitsuji inspired shoes

    Japanese geek fashion portal 2PMWorks has opened pre-orders for 3 new shoes that are inspired by the Kurotshitsuji series main characters in Sebastian, Ciel and Grell Sutcliff. The shoes are designed by the Chachoke brand who previously brought out the Puella Magi Madoka Magica inspired shoes with 2PMWorks. Pre-orders close on July 13th and are planned to be shipped in late October

    Sebastian Michaelis inspired model 17,800 JPY + 1,424 JPY Tax

    Ciel Phantomhive inspired model 19,800 JPY + 1,584 JPY Tax

    Grell Sutcliff inspired model 17,800 JPY + 1,424 JPY Tax

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    Yana Toboso scribbles (2014/10/01)

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    Haven’t drawn Kuroshitsuji in years…!

    Just checking to see if I can  remember how to draw him

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