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    What if at the end of book of circus they completely break the fourth wall and claude enters all like “surprise motherfuckers” and sebastian and ciel are like “GASP OMG BUT CLAUDE YOU DIED LAST SEASON” and claude goes like “yeah but this season is a prequel you dumbasses”

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    • wtnv fandom: CECIL WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN
    • wtnv fandom: INTRO'S EMPTY
    • wtnv fandom: NO WEATHER
    • wtnv fandom: PROVERB GONE
    • wtnv fandom: YOU COULD HAVE BEEN HURT
    • wtnv fandom: YOU COULD HAVE BEEN SEEN
    • wtnv fandom: of course, I don't blame you, Steve dear
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    me right before any new wntv ep: okay but who bought lot 37

    me right after any new wtnv ep: okay but who bought lot 37

    me at any given time between wntv eps: okay but who bought lot 37

    me every single moment for the remainder of time: okay but who bought lot 37

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    ::The Phantomhive servants::
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    Excuse you, Rei.

    Official arts!

    Thanks for sending this, it’s been buried in my likes!

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  • シド
  • kuro-shitsu-ji:

    Monokuro no Kiss, ‘The monochrome kiss”, the very first opening for the Kuroshitsuji anime. 

    Buy it here (iTunes, 4th song down)

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  • runecestershire:


    Hamlet’s Soliloquy (1948-2009)

    All the Hamlets! And the OP was wise to use David Tennant for the “sleep” line :)

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    I just can’t handle it right now ❤️❤️❤️

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  • camplazlo:


    death note au where everything is the same except the death note is a password journal


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    Source: BS / B&W
    Please do not remove source.

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  • itsverdande:


    okay but um

    Cecil has a sister and she married Steve

    Cecil denied having a brother in Casettes

    are we being blessed with a trans woman character

    is Cecil’s sister and Steve’s wife a trans woman

    I really, really, really, really, REALLY want this to be true now.

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  • nijimuracchi:

     Get to know me meme 1/?? : Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul 

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